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[Bug-gne] Specific question

From: Diana Khashimova
Subject: [Bug-gne] Specific question
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 15:11:19 -0000
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Dear members  of Bug-gne -- GNUPedia technical discussions list,

I have a question related to fitting the equation to experimental data. The fitting equation looks like y=a*exp(-(b*ln(c/x)/e)**(d)). Only three parameters have to be fitted, these are a, e, d. Experimental data are y and x.The coefficients b and c are known. After writing mentioned above function into script file, the program says that 'ln' is undefined function. I used logarithmic and normal scale for x axis, but the message was the same. Why it is so?

How should I describe such a function? I could not find the answer in

Please help me to solve my problem.


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