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[Bug-gne] Re[2]: dear, good mood to u

From: Nastena
Subject: [Bug-gne] Re[2]: dear, good mood to u
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 01:34:26 +0300

Hi there

A nice, good looking lady is looking for a real man to connect her
heart with him. I decided to write you this letter because I am
looking for my one and only to make him happy.
I haven't found my prince yet, but I know he is waiting for me. I know
I will find him soon. Maybe you are my prince? Something inside says
me that we have much in common. We can try to build strong and healthy
relationships. If you are interested, please follow this white rabbit:
http://loveandonly.com/flirting   :)))

Waiting for your answer

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