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[Bug-gne] re: Symbol BCLC sun

From: Tara Sneed
Subject: [Bug-gne] re: Symbol BCLC sun
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 07:49:10 -0060

                               EXCLUSIVE Penny Stocks Alert Advisory Service GO 

                Get on BCLC First Thing on Tuesday, it's going to expload!!!

                  WATCH IT EXPLODE ON Tuesday!!!

                WATCH BCLC LIKE A HAWK ON Tuesday September 19, 2006

Ticker: BCLC
Current Price:  $0.01
Tuesday's Target Price:  $0.71
Best Case Scenario: $1.00
Recommendation: STR ONG BUY
Price Increase Expec: Max
Investment Risk: Low 

                Here comes the REAL BIG ONE! BCLC!!! Get on BCLC First Thing on 


Bicoastal Communications Inc. Announces E911 Service Agreement.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bicoastal Communications Inc. (Pink 
Sheets: BCLC - News) announces it 
has reached an agreement with Dialpoint Voice Service Inc. of Nevada to provide 
E911 services for its National VoIP (Voice 
over Internet Protocol) rollout through Callingpoint Communications.

This will give Bicoastal the ability to provide E911 services to all of the 
lower 48 states via VoIP as required by the FCC. 
Upon successful testing of the system, Bicoastal will be in position to start 
offering Residential and Business VoIP services
through its Callingpoint Communications unit within the next two weeks.

YOU KNOW THERE WILL BE MORE NEWS ON Tuesday! All signs show that BCLC is going 
to Explode to $0.71! It did $0.71 in the past 
check historical data on BCLC and watch it GROW TO ABOVE $0.71!!!

SEPTEMBER 19,2006!!!
                        TRADE SMART AND WIN WITH BCLC!!!

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