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[Bug-gne] prose vocational

From: Jasper Barrera
Subject: [Bug-gne] prose vocational
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 00:48:10 -0500

He was as one possessed, a fanatic, a martyr. But first I stripped and had a bathe, whichdid something to cool the fret of my nerves.
Thebier was light enough even for one-armed Janni to manage his share. I slid down thestone-shoot and in the first cool of evening scrambled along thatarduous shore.
More,some change had been wrought in the seaward wall of the House. I seemed to have seen it all before, and to know thestages that would follow.
But I scarcely thought of him, formy trouble was with myself. And then the latter seemed to speak to him, and to lay a handon his head.
When Maris met them they were padding along in abject panic.
In one hand he held a lightedcandle, and the other carried a censer.
But the priest seemed to think it possible, andMariss Gascon soul had illimitable confidence.
Things looked pretty ugly, as I was bound to admit. Then came some kind of signal, and theysprang forward.
I was steadier now, and with returning sanity came the power ofpractical thought. Presently I was outon the downs, with the yellow levels of the Dancing Floor below meon the right.
Perhaps he had beenpilfering his masters cigarettes?
And then the latter seemed to speak to him, and to lay a handon his head. The victims were hallowed with water from the well by the whitecypress. And all the while thecrowd kept utter silence.
If we could bring her to the spot would he be on thewatch and take her on board? Janni was sitting smoking on a stone, the image of innocent peace.
Then I decided against the shot, for I felt that itwas a counsel of despair. Everybody, except the guards round the House, seemed to be huddlingin the village street. Then in theconfusion my capitaine will escape and join us and break for thecliffs. In the end he got into the priests house,found it empty and followed on to the church.
The limestone seemed to have no fissures, and the faces hadweathered smooth.
I took out mypistol, cleaned and reloaded it, and told Janni to look to his. He had forgotten that I knew no Greek, for he spoke rapidly wordswhich sounded like a command. But I remembered that Black George had smoked apeculiarly evil type of Greek tobacco.

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