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[Bug-gne] abdicate

From: Leonard Brady
Subject: [Bug-gne] abdicate
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 21:53:09 -0500

Recent events had been confused in a cloud of misery, and he had todisengage the details.
Bronson Jane accompanied him to the door.
And theres just theone man I know that fills the bill. Theyhad to endure all their days what he had endured to a small degreein the trenches.
He roselanguidly, struggled through the day, and went to bed exhausted.
Hes head of theFremont Banking Corporation and a St. Simon is terriblydistressed and he feels so helpless.
Thats a new thingabout our boys, Sir Edward.
Hes head of theFremont Banking Corporation and a St. I want you to know my Simon better, she said.
During that winter he had had a bout of influenza for the firsttime in his life.
Leithen looked with interest at the pleasant vital face. About the best Dick and I have in the world.
About the best Dick and I have in the world.
Nobody knows about itexcept in the family.
Hes an old friend of yours andHannays, isnt he? That night he had meant, before going to sleep, to have it out withhimself.
Ive had a talk with LordClanroyden and he agrees. His ship, since it was doomed, should go down in actionwith every flag flying. The briefs for the following term wouldbe returned. Its mighty fine to see you again, Sir Edward.
Before thedepression we were getting rather gross. Blenkironwas on the telephone and would like an appointment.
Onpaper Bronson Jane was almost too good to be true. The day had broadened into full sunlight.
Youre very kind, said Leithen a little wearily.
But not the right colour perhaps, she laughed. Leithenremembered him clearly as his client in a big case. Certainly not Simon, though hes his business partner. He was not talking at random, but picking his topics.
In each corner there were marble busts of departedRavelstons. There was a grimsatisfaction in knowing the worst. I should likepeople to take him as a typical American.

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