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[Bug-gne] upholstered

From: Helena Mccullough
Subject: [Bug-gne] upholstered
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 20:50:30 +0400

So he walked along blindly, up the valley and on themoors.
They hated him for his intimacy atthe farm, in the hamlet. But glad he was, and in some mysterious way,triumphant.
Away from the burden of intensive mental consciousness.
But Richard drifted away this summer, on to the land, into the weather,into Cornwall.
They were doing their best, andthere was nothing else to do.
The Foreign Office kept his passports,and did not so much as answer him. Well, the story could have no other ending. Richard peeped in the bag at the groping red military hands. But the others didnt know this ragtime, and they werent yet in themood.
Those were the days before America joined the Allies.
Youll have to put a curtain to it to-morrow, said Somers to Sharpe. Poor Monsell, and he was so very anti-German, so very pro-British.
Alieutenant and three sordid men in the dark behind him, one with alantern.
It was a still morning, as if one were not in the world. In the afternoon Sharpe came with a white faceand tears of rage and mortification in his eyes.
So Somers and Harriet went to stay a week-end with Sharpe at Trevenna,as the house was called. Sometimes a great airship hung over the sea, watching for submarines. In the afternoon Sharpe came with a white faceand tears of rage and mortification in his eyes. But even that was no reason why he shouldgo and do likewise. They could never do so if England WOULD NOT BE humiliated.
The colliers seemed totear it out of their bowels, in a long, wild chant. But itwas in the grip of something monstrous, not English, and he was almostgripped too.
If men had kept their souls firm and integral through the years, the warwould never have come on. You know who I am and where I was born and all the rest. He gave it, being an honourable citizen and awell-bred American, with complete sang froid.

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