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[Bug-gne] Looking for perfect sex?

From: Strangeness K. Messiaen
Subject: [Bug-gne] Looking for perfect sex?
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 04:52:42 -0500

Do you have any problem in getting erection? Is age taking its toll on you?

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It was a fine operation. Any boob can crash a party, in fact usually does, since that is all one seems to meet at this kind of affair. Angelina may not have been in sightbut her spoor was around me on all sides. Ive already called the spaceportin your name of course, I told him. I hate to look a gift rocket in the tubes, I told her, neverthelesswhy me? A simple but hard working bodyguard, who will guard your person, labor for the cause and look forward to the restoration of his stolen lands and title. He will still have value as a figurehead and we must use him for that. Then the service unit groaned and produced a box from some dark corner of the deep freeze. I can explain, he said desperately.

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