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[Bug-gne]Things to do

From: Tom Chance
Subject: [Bug-gne]Things to do
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 22:36:52 +0100

I'm in a list-making mood - maybe it's the heat, so here
is my list of things I can think of that we need still to do
before we can start getting more "public" help and actually
getting article submissions:

1) Translators for the site (I have french sorted atm)
2) Translators for articles
3) Moderators with different languages
4) Article view script brings up language-specific pages
5) A proper search engine with a decent explanation for users
6) Formatting abilities on articles for authors

We really need linguistic help at the moment though - it's not
going to be much of a "launch" if we have a site only in
two or three languages without any moderators in languages
other than english! As I said, I know a fluent french speaker
so translating the site into French shouldn't be a problem :-)
And I might be able to get Greek and Spanish through friends
as well....

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