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Re: [Bug-gne]API

From: Tom Chance
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]API
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 10:21:19 +0100

that's pretty much what I said! Only I thought it would need
getPoolTitle... and the AID is implicit because that's the only
sensible way to call for it... looking for a digit is much quicker
and more logical than looking for a title string.

I also thought these might be quite useful:
@article = gneGetArticle("aid")
which get out all the information useful for that number/username.

With C, you know we were discussing returning an array from within
a function... can you d that (even if by a fiddle)? Becuase if not then
the two functions I put above would be a bit tricky woud they not?

Oh and we should write it so that clients can choose *not* to upgrade
the api for quite some time if they wish. So if their local API has:
        @article = gneGetArticle("aid");
and this translates to:
        $art = $dbh->prepare("select * from articledb where aid = "aid");
        @article = $art->fetchrow_array();
Then this will still work because it will still send a standard MySQL command
to the server. We should try and build this sort of lengevity into most of 
make sure that commands wherever possible essential boil down to standard
MySQL/Perl/UNIX commands.

28/06/01 00:26:26, Rob Scott <address@hidden> wrote:

>very high level library
>gneSearchstring() which would return a n elemented array of integers, the 
>integers being the aid#s of the
>relevant articles.
>gneGetTitleofAID() put in a aid#, get out a char.
>gneGetSynopsisofAID() put in aid#, get out char ...
>gneGetBodyofAID() ditto
>gneGetAuthorofAID() "
>that sort of thing.
>and the naming (numbering) conventions:
>c library version: 1.24
>this means protocol version 1.2
>(protocol upgrades only come along rarely, and dont need bugfixes in general)
>c library version 4 for this protocol. (library implementations need bugfixes)
>the 1 would only change when the api / protocol changed so drastically it 
>made previous versions not work.
>At 21:10 27/06/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>>I'm still a bit confused as to the point of this api... are you saying
>>you want to standardise *all* commands used by the client (inc.
>>the ones that actually *fetch* the stuff, like select(....)) ?
>>Or will the api just be to standardise complicated things like
>>search queries, so kind of like putting the textsearch thing u found
>>into a standard GNE library/module made specifically for gne?
>>27/06/01 22:54:32, Rob Scott <address@hidden> wrote:
>> >we only need like     5 functions to start with, guys.
>> >im working on it.
>> >
>> >mainly things like
>> >int foo = gneSearchstring(char brough, *int toby)
>> >returning the aid#'s into an array in toby.
>> >foo probably being the number of elements put into the array to simplify
>> >things for the programmer on the end.
>> >
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