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gcc3.2.3 : exception caught, but still segment fault

From: lin q
Subject: gcc3.2.3 : exception caught, but still segment fault
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 15:46:51 -0600

I am using gcc3.2.3 as the compiler for my c++ code on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3. I find that even an exception is caught, "Segment Fault" is still thrown out and program crashes.

 Here is my code,
int func0(){
  if (...some condition...){
    throw MyException();

char* func(){
  catch (MyException& ){
     cout << "Hey catch exception" << endl;
     return NULL;

In running the code, I can see that "Hey catch exception", and then "Segment Fault", it never returns to the caller of func().

 Is this a known problem?

 I wonder

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