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Re: GMP Project

From: Paul Zimmermann
Subject: Re: GMP Project
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 01:26:27 +0200

   I have been looking high and low for an open sourced/GPL'd
   DECIMAL arithmetic library. I did find a few commercial ones,
   but none for decimal floating point yet.  Your GMP project
   comes close, providing binary floating point support. However,
   commercial software often requires decimal arithmetic to avoid
   "off by a penny" errors etc.

   Consequently, I would like to suggest that the GMP project
   group support this functionality in the future. Unfortunately,
   I have nothing to offer in way of support -- only the suggestion.

   Thanks, Warren

Dear Warren,

you might want to check the library developed by Mike Cowlishaw (sorry
I'm not sure of the exact spelling). Look at the pointers on the mpfr
page (www.mpfr.org). However I don't know if it's open source.

Paul Zimmermann

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