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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 14:25:01 +0200

Dr. Pius Kako.
Director, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing
Federal Secretariat Complex
Ikoyi - Lagos

Compliments of the day. I am sending this proposal through this medium because 
of the urgency with which I intend to get this project done.

Before going into details of my proposal to you, I
must ask you to treat with utmost confidentiality for
I am still in active government service.
I am the Director  in the Federal Ministry of Works
and Housing in my country who is interested in
transferring some funds that was for over-budgeted in this ministry during the 
first quarter.
I am determined to conclude the transfer before the
end of the second quarter of this year with your assistance.

The source of the funds are as follows: All ministries
in my country have monies budjeted on quarterly basis
based on objectives and targets to be met,  being the
director of my ministry and been the person directly
responsible for award, approval and expenditure in the
ministry. I am in a position to recommend to my
government that this money should be transferred to any
beneficiary with whom I can arrive at an agreement

I know that the ministry's expenditure for this first
quarter of the year is far below the ministry's budget
so I have excess funds from the first quarter.

However, by virtue of my position as a civil servant I
cannot acquire this money in our name or in the names
of companies that are based in Nigeria. I want as a
matter of trust a reliable overseas partner into whose
account I can transfer the sum of U.S.$8,500,000.00
(eight million, five hundred thousand U.S. Dollars).
That is why I am sending you this mail for you to
receive this proposal immediately and I am indeed
sorry if I have invaded your privacy.

I am prepared to negotiate with you the percentage of
the funds you will require to assist me with this
project. I wish to invest my share of this project in
foreign stocks and other business till I am ready and
able to have access to them without raising any
eyebrows here at home.

Please note that this transaction is 100% safe and
risk-free to all intent and purpose. I intend to
effect the transfer within the shortest time possible
with your assistance from the date of receipt of the
following information:

Your name, Your bank's name, company's name, address
and telephone and fax numbers and the account details
into which the funds should be paid note that I would
prefer an account with little or no funds in it to
prevent any ambiguity during disbursement of funds.

The above information will enable me write letters of
claims and job description respectively. This way, I
shall use your company's name to apply for the payment
I look forward to doing this transaction with you
provided we can arrive at a reasonable percentage of
the funds you would require to assist me.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter through
my confidential email address specifically for this
project. I will bring you into a more detailed picture
of this project when I hear from you.
Note that this transfer does not need any specific
trade or profession for it's completion.

Best regards,

Dr. Pius Kako

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