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RE: Installing GMP on cygwin

From: Edward Marti
Subject: RE: Installing GMP on cygwin
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:06:47 -0700

> Maybe you can run it up under gdb (or even ms codeview) and see where
> it seems to die.  Does it get through the first mpz_init for instance.

Yeah, I have to figure out a way to debug it on those computers, which don't
currently have any programming software installed (they are not even mine).

> Incidentally, life isn't meant to be quite this difficult. :-)  We've
> done what we think is needed for GMP on mingw etc, it's just hard to
> be sure without an actual system to run it on.

The reason I tend to have a lot of problems is that I tend to like to push
these programs as far as I can. ;) Frankly, I have most of what I was trying
to do figured out, all of this stuff works perfectly on my computer, but I
was just curious about trying to distribute some executables.
But I am very thankful for making such a great library and system, and it
does do almost all of what I want.

 - Edward Marti

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