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Re: gmp-4.0.1: Inter-library dependencies vs. DESTDIR installation

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: gmp-4.0.1: Inter-library dependencies vs. DESTDIR installation
Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 11:08:20 +1000
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Christian Cornelssen <address@hidden> writes:
> The top-level `Makefile.am' as of gmp-4.0.1 lists `libgmp.la' in the
> link command for `libgmpxx.la'. This causes libtool to require
> `libgmp.la' to be really installed when relinking `libgmpxx.la' in the
> course of a "make install". When doing DESTDIR installs (e.g. for
> making binary RPMs), this may not be the case, and consequently,
> `libgmpxx.la' will not be installed then. The Libtool documentation
> admits this current shortcoming in its discussion of inter-library
> dependencies.

Ah dear, yes.  Grr.

> I have patched the `Makefile.am' (and the `Makefile.in' because my
> Autotool versions seem to be somewhat incompatible to the ones GMP
> uses,

We're on automake 1.5 with a couple of patches.

> but the patch is similar to the one for `Makefile.am') to remove
> `libgmp.la' from the link command for `libgmpxx.la'.

I wonder if that breaks systems like AIX which don't allow undefined
references when creating shared libraries.  Mind you I don't know if
C++ shared libraries work at all there.

> Note that this
> may require libgmpxx users to specify both "-lgmpxx -lgmp" when linking,

Not too terrible, since it has to be done that way if not using

> but currently I see no other way to properly build RPM packages
> (except for building, really installing, and rebuilding).

Hmm.  It might work to put -L$DESTDIR into the dependency_libs in
libgmpxx, then strip it at the end.

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