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Building gmp 3.0

From: Roger Highmore
Subject: Building gmp 3.0
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:22:33 -0700 (PDT)

Thank-you for providing this library. I am using MS
VC++ 6.0 and trying to compile and link some of the
source files to provide floating-point addition,
subtraction, multiplication and division. I have one
question and some comments regarding my experience so


1) I am unable to find .c files which provide
implementations of the four functions mpn_add,
mpn_add_1, mpn_sub and mpn_sub_1. Please, where in the
gmp 3.0 distribution can I find these implementations?

Comments (certainly not complaints, just a sharing of
experiences which I had whilst compiling and linking
the code).

1) Several files are missing the #if
__STDC__…#else…#endif constructs which distinguish
between ANSI C and K&R C function prototypes.
2) I had to add #include<stdlib.h> to several files in
order that the compiler would recognize calls to
3) I had to add prototypes of mpn_kara-sqr_n and
mpn_toom3_sqr_n to mpn_mul.c in order that the
compiler would recognize these.
4) I had to rename the variable ‘this’ in
stack-alloc.c, in order that it would not be confused
with the reserved meaning in C++.
5) I had to remove the prototype of strtol from
set-str.c, and add #include <stdlib.h>, in order to
resolve an error where the linker was unable to find
an implementation of strtol.
6) I had to remove ‘const’ from mp_clz_tab.c and
longlong.h in order to eliminate an error where the
linker was unable to find an implementation of

I would be very interested if any of these
issues/workarounds suggest that I am not compiling or
linking the files properly.

Once again, I am very grateful that you have made this
code available.

Best wishes,



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