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Re: GMP under MacOS 9.1

From: Kent Boortz
Subject: Re: GMP under MacOS 9.1
Date: 16 Oct 2001 02:02:33 +0200
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I'm not maintaining this port very well. The interest for the Mac port
has been almost non existent and it takes more time maintaining it
than it is worth for me, especially since I'm not really a Mac
programmer. I have intended to program on Mac and have bought
CodeWarrior for years but never got to it and now with OS X it is a
bit late. I made the initial port of GMP to Mac but haven't updated it
for 3.1.1. I guess I made the port as a challenge, to try if it was
possible for me to port the Unix targeted GMP to MacOS without really
modifying the GMP source. I proved that, but maintaining it is an
other story.

I have updated the port for the upcoming GMP 3.2 and will try to keep
up with the changes until it is released. I will not update the
CodeWarrior part, I haven't updated my CodeWarrior subscription.
Unfortunately the code to test GMP has changed and I have no time to
port that part so the resulting library will be untested except for
trivial examples.

Sorry that I can't help you out, maybe there is someone interested to
take over the maintenance of this port.

I'm also sorry I didn't answer you sooner,


"Walter Carlip" <address@hidden> writes:
> I've been trying to build gmp 3.1.1 for use on my Mac G4
> running MacOS 9.1.  I am using the newest MPW, MPW 3.5
> newly dowloaded from Apple.
> Following the instructions to build the Mac version
> of the library I get:
>    Directory HardDisk:gmp-3.1.1:macos:
>    perl unix2mac configure > configure.mac
>    perl configure.mac
>    # Can't find mpz files in "::mpz:Makefile.am"
> I cannot make head or tail of that error . . . 
> Anyone have any idea what needs to be corrected?
> Alternatively, is there a copy of the library already
> built for use with PowerMacs?

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