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ADV: Very Important Stock Tip

From: stocks
Subject: ADV: Very Important Stock Tip
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 05:01:12

A smart investor usually keeps a diversified portfolio. When spreading your 
money into different types of stocks, investors minimize their risk. If one 
company goes dry, their overall portfolio will remain intact. We can see a 
clear example of this concept by looking at the recent Internet crash.
More than a dozen Internet sector funds have liquidated or merged into other 
funds. Why? Because when one holding goes bad, many of the rest will follow it 
down. Diversification is one of the keys to sustain net worth. Similarly, a 
holdings company will benefit greatly from spreading their money into different 
areas of business. Tonight we look at a company that is doing just that. By 
spreading its holdings from fields ranging from transportation to telecom to 
metallurgy, TTIH will look to maintain a well-balanced portfolio of growing 
businesses. TTIH plans to maximize value for its shareholders through an 
aggressive strategy consisting of spin-offs, acquisitions, joint ventures, and 
more. Continue on by reading a more detailed description of the company and its 

TTI Holdings of America, Inc.
545 Madison Avenue - 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Corporate Summary
TTI Holdings of America Corp., formally known as Thermaltec International, 
Inc., herein after referred to as "TTIH" or the "Company", was incorporated in 
1995 in the state of Delaware to engage in the establishment and support of 
"Thermal Spray Coating Technology." Recently the company changed its name to 
TTI Holdings of America Corp. to better reflect the direction and strategy of 
the new focus.
TTIH current primary business objective is to develop, merge in, acquire and 
invest in companies that are under valued privately, but contain vast potential 
in the public arena. The company has presently obtained or is in the final leg 
of negotiations with securing companies in the following industry sectors;  
transportation, telecommunications, healthcare computer
networking and software, metallurgy, industrial products, beauty related care 
products and services.
Adelphia Capital, LLC (Member NASD and SIPC) has been retain to utilize its 
experience in the managing and the restructuring of the company and its 
subsidiaries, along with their potential mergers and acquisition candidates. 
Adelphia Capital will make available to the company their entire staff of 
professional, including the many advisory contacts and strategic partners they 
have developed. Adelphia has also agreed to assist TTIH in the selection 
process of appointing additional Board members to better equip the company in 
its stated mandate. This business alliance brings in an independent and 
objective point of view that assures quality and due diligence.

Company Information
Recient Price: $0.55
52 Week Range (Low - High) : $.035 - $3.46
Estimated Float: 1,500,000
Shares Outstanding: 6,100,000
Financial Information
Fiscal Year: September 30th

Facts To Look At
The company has recently declared a spin-off of one of its subsidiaries Panama 
Industries Inc. Shareholders of record of TTIH as of July 22, 2001 will 
received one share of Panama Industries for every 3 shares of TTIH owned. The 
company is now in the process of finishing the required NASD and SEC filings 
that will complete the transaction in order to create a separate
fully trading public company. This transaction allows the Thermal Spraying 
business in Panama to grow on its own accord, making available additional 
funding based on a separate public traded entity.

Links: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010531/2385.html

TTIH is currently preparing to spin off another of its subsidiaries 
Transventures Inc. Transventures represents TTIH's holdings in the 
transportation logistics industry. Transventures is in the process of 
finalizing a joint venture with another public traded transportation logistics 
company. This company is a full service transportation, shipping, and logistics 
servicing company that operates out of New Jersey.
The company is in final negotiation with Cactus Health Spas. Cactus currently 
represents 11 beauty day salon spas with sales exceeding 6 million dollars. 
TTIH plans to license the Cactus Day Spa business mechanism and promote the 
development of several new units in the near future. These units typically 
gross between $1 and $2 million dollars per year per location when fully 
operational, and shall provide a steady stream of cash flow which may assist in 
capitalizing the company's current business model.
TTIH will also, from time to time, invest in "entrepreneurial" companies if it 
deems such alliances or acquisitions to be in the best interest of its 
shareholders. Such companies as Cobex Technologies, a telecommunications firm, 
and Material Shapes Unlimited, an industrial material contouring company are on 
TTIH horizon for the near future.

Links: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010620/2490.html

TTI Holdings of America Corp. plans to increase its business and enhance 
shareholder value by acquiring or merging with emerging growth companies, the 
main core of TTIH future business. TTIH will continue to seek small, dynamic, 
entrepreneurial companies in other fields. TTIH's policy will be to hold no 
more than 50% ownership in these entrepreneurial companies and distribute any 
value over 50% to its shareholders directly. This strategy
makes the company an equity distribution play for its shareholders in the up 
and coming months.
For further information contact the company @ (212) 759-8899

Advanced Networking Group is an independent research firm and has been 
compensated for this research report. The information contained herein has been 
obtained from sources, which are believed to be reliable, but the accuracy or 
completeness of the contents cannot be guaranteed. Any opinions and/or 
projections expressed herein are solely of the writer and are subject to change 
notice. This report under no circumstances is to be construed as an offer to 
sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. This report 
contains forward-looking statements including expressions of belief, 
expectation, contemplation, estimation and other expressions not relating to 
historical facts and circumstances. These forward-looking statements are 
subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that may cause such statements
not to prove accurate. Any recommendations contained in this report may not be 
suitable for all investors. Any investment recommendations in this report 
contain a high degree of risk and a prospective investor is encouraged to 
review in detail the Company’s prospectus and/or other additional information. 
Any projections or estimates herein made assume certain economic and industry 
conditions and parameters subject to change. This
marketing service was paid 10,000 shares of common stock by a third party to 
send out this report. The writer and consultants may have a position in the 
securities mentioned herein and may increase or decrease such positions without 
notice. They may also actively trade in the securities mentioned herein.

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