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Re: Addendum to previous report

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Addendum to previous report
Date: 14 Jul 2001 08:27:32 +1000
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Incidentally, mpn_get_str clobbers an extra limb above its input,
which was also missed from the 3.1.1 doco.  That might change in the
future, but for now the doco will be:

 - Function: mp_size_t mpn_get_str (unsigned char *STR, int BASE,
          mp_limb_t *S1P, mp_size_t S1N)
     Convert {S1P, S1N} to a raw unsigned char array at STR in base
     BASE, and return the number of characters produced.  There may be
     leading zeros in the string.  The string is not in ASCII; to
     convert it to printable format, add the ASCII codes for `0' or
     `A', depending on the base and range.

     The most significant limb of the input {S1P, S1N} must be
     non-zero.  The area {S1P, S1N+1} is clobbered.

     The area at STR has to have space for the largest possible number
     represented by a S1N long limb array, plus one extra character.

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