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Re: Global does not recognize C++ final keyword

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: Re: Global does not recognize C++ final keyword
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2022 12:52:56 +0900

I have added your report to the TODO list.

By the way, C++ language is no longer officially supported.

        Version 6.6.5 - September 3 2020
        o gtags: the built-in C++ parser is deprecated, since it is
not well maintained.
          Currently, it is hard to say that Global supports C++ language.

If you have universal-ctags, please try this:

        $ cp /usr/local/share/gtags/gtags.conf .
        $ gtags --gtagslabel=universal-ctags
        $ global -dx Model
        Model              16 cpp-test.cpp     struct Model final {
        $ _

The --gtagslabel=universal-ctags is not needed, if you rewrite
gtags.conf like follows:

        |        :tc=native:
        |        :tc=universal-ctags:

Thank you for the report!


On Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 10:07 AM Alex Pelts <alex.pelts@broadcom.com> wrote:
> What is your environment (OS)?
> Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
> Which version of Global are you using?
> Tried 6.6.2 which is available with apt-get and 6.6.8 which I built from
> source. Both versions show the same issue.
> What did you do? (command line)
> gtags .
> global -dx Model
> global -dx final
> global -dx struct
> What did you expect from it?
> global -dx Model
> Expected for the tool to show definition of model
> global -dx final
> Expected not to show any definitions
> global -dx struct
> Expected not to show any definitions
> What was occurred? (as is)
> global -dx Model
> Did not show any definitions
> global -dx final
> final              16 cpp-test.cpp     struct Model final {
> final              17 cpp-test.cpp         struct ExtensionNameAndPrefix
> final {
> global -dx struct
> Did not show any definitions
> Attached is the relevant CPP file.
> Thank you,
> Alex
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