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Receiving end problem in BPSK modulation

From: Sujay Mondal
Subject: Receiving end problem in BPSK modulation
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 00:06:05 +0530

I have been trying to design a BPSK modulation and demodulation scheme using GNU radio. Until now I have been able to design the transmitter part of the BPSK modulation. But right now I am stuck at the receiver part of the BPSK. Though I am receiving data, I'm facing a few problems which are as follows:-
1) The packet length is changing continuously from the out_pay of the header payload demux.
2) The data which I'm receiving is coming after a few seconds. How can I solve this delay problem?
2) Whenever I am trying to get the BER or using any kind of comparison block the output of the flowgraph starts freezing.
I think maybe I am missing a few blocks but I have searched a lot but I didn't get any definite solution for this problem. I would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me out in this regard.Thanking you in advance. Regards.
Sujay Mondal.

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