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[bug-GIFT] Do u want to know me?

From: Anastasia A
Subject: [bug-GIFT] Do u want to know me?
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 01:34:32 +0300

Ave, dear

My heart is open to you because I greatly want love and to be loved! My desire 
is to give happiness to one man, to
see his shining eyes, to kiss my children in the morning, to present him joy 
and tenderness that only a woman can give!
I had some experience in life but my heart was broken. I found the wrong man in 
my country and now I don't like men
here... If your heart wants to be connected to a nice, good looking lady, 
please write me here... http://loveandonly.com/flirting

Waiting for your letter

Anastasia A

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