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[bug-GIFT] Repair Your sausage

From: Gilbert Mark
Subject: [bug-GIFT] Repair Your sausage
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 02:50:22 +0000

Be a supermacho!

Charge your weenie for 110% and have a lifetime fiesta with y0ur chick!

This is the one and only remedy which works flawlessly.
Ask me why? Just because it's the Original thing

You can Order it here: http://www.chaintamil.info

ps: Guaranteed lightning speed worldwide delivery and prices from manufacturer!

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the car begun to move off, than the  cat acted like anyone else who has =
pushed off a tram and is still determined to get to his destination. =
all  three cars draw  past it, the cat jumped on to the coupling-hook of =
last car, latched its  paw round a pipe  sticking  out of one of the =

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