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[bug-GIFT] re: Size of Jonh Holmes or Rocco Sifredi in few days

From: Singh Frances
Subject: [bug-GIFT] re: Size of Jonh Holmes or Rocco Sifredi in few days
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 05:43:49 +0000

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it up?' asked the prisoner. ' If you do you are mistaken.'
    Pilate shuddered and answered through clenched teeth :
    'I can cut that thread.'
    'You  are  mistaken  there  too,'  objected  the prisoner, beaming and
shading himself from the sun with his hand. ' You  must agree, I think, that
the thread can only be cut by the one who has suspended it? '
    'Yes, yes,' said Pilate, smiling.  ' I now have no doubt that the idle
gapers of Jerusalem have been pursuing you. I do not know who strung up your
tongue, but  he  strung it  well. By the  way. tell me, is it true that  you
entered Jerusalem  by the Susim Gate  mounted on a donkey, accompanied by  a

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