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[bug-GIFT] Inconsistency in MRML?

From: David Squire
Subject: [bug-GIFT] Inconsistency in MRML?
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:38:56 +1000

Hi all,

I am slogging away trying to get my Perl interface for GIFT to work properly, 
and making many changes to CFeedbackClient as I do so. Since the PHP demo in 
Geneva works fine with my server, I am doing some reverse engineering by 
looking at what it sends.

First, I have noticed that it sends a "configure-session" element as part of 
every query. Is this actually required? (I have a suspicion that algorithms 
other than the adefault are not configured in the server if this doesn't 

Secondly, (for example) it sends:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?><!DOCTYPE mrml SYSTEM 
"http://isrpc85.epfl.ch/Charmer/code/mrml.dtd";><mrml session-id="6">
                <configure-session  session-id="6">
                <algorithm  algorithm-id="a-dms3"  algorithm-type="a-dms3"  
collection-id="c-12-12-11-12-6-101-4-192-0" >
                <query-step  session-id="6" result-size="10" 
result-cutoff="0.0" collection="c-12-12-11-12-6-101-4-192-0" 

Note that inside the "algorithm" element the attribute name is "collection-id", 
whereas in "query-step" it is "collection". Is this intentional or necessary? 
It seems like a potential source of confusion to me...



Dr. David McG. Squire, Postgraduate Research Coordinator (Caulfield)
Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Australia
http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~davids/   http://viper.unige.ch/
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