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Re: compile error in git version

From: Vivien Guillet
Subject: Re: compile error in git version
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 20:07:38 +0100
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Compiling from current git version a file seems to be missing from
the repo :

To build GNU gettext from git, you need to follow the instructions
in the HACKING file.

Guilty, sorry ! As I did successfully compile sources out of
gettext-0.20.tar.gz on the same machine, I was hopefully expecting it
would work the same from the git repo.

Based on this, I can only guess. The error message indicates that
you probably didn't have GNU bison installed.

You are right, thanks !

On a sidenote, the reason I'm compiling gettext is to make it usable
with jdk 19, which I do at the moment by uncleanly forcing the use of
JAVAC env variable in javacomp.c and replacing Enumeration<> by
Enumeration<String> in write-java.c ...

Do you know if a proper support of thoses jdks (after 17) is planed in a
near future?



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