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Re: autoconf test for finding UTF-8 locale?

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: autoconf test for finding UTF-8 locale?
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 09:25:37 +0000 (UTC)

> It's not clear what you are looking for, with your macro:
>   - an English UTF-8 locale (which does obey $LANGUAGE), or
>   - a C.UTF-8 locale (which does not obey $LANGUAGE;

Ideally, I want the 'C' locale in UTF-8 encoding, which is 'C.UTF-8'.
If this is not available, I think it's best to fall back to
'en_US.UTF-8', right?  The only issue for LilyPond is `LC_NUMERIC`: we
don't want numbers like '1,234,567.89' but rather '1234567.89'.  What
would be a proper override for `LC_NUMERIC` but still preserve UTF-8
encoding?  Or is it safe to ignore that, simply using `LC_NUMERIC=C`?

> If want you want is either of both, then it's just as promising to
> look for an English UTF-8 locale (since that exists on most OSes for
> ca. 20 years), and use "C.UTF-8" only as a fallback e.g. for when
> the first search did not find anything (e.g. on Alpine Linux). In
> other words, in this case, I would write two different Autoconf
> macros and combine the results of both.

OK, thanks.

Will work on your other suggestions soon.


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