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[PATCH] gettext.3, bind_textdomain_codeset.3: fix spacing

From: наб
Subject: [PATCH] gettext.3, bind_textdomain_codeset.3: fix spacing
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 02:59:23 +0100
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The setlocale call is missing a space separating the arguments,
and the e.g. is written as an end-of-sentence for some reason
Please keep me in CC, as I'm not subscribed

--- gettext-0.21.orig/gettext-runtime/man/gettext.3
+++ gettext-0.21/gettext-runtime/man/gettext.3
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ used instead.
 Translation lookup operates in the context of the current locale. For the
 \fBgettext\fP and \fBdgettext\fP functions, the \fBLC_MESSAGES\fP locale
 facet is used. It is determined by a preceding call to the \fBsetlocale\fP
-function. \fBsetlocale(LC_ALL,"")\fP initializes the \fBLC_MESSAGES\fP locale
+function. \fBsetlocale(LC_ALL, "")\fP initializes the \fBLC_MESSAGES\fP locale
 based on the first nonempty value of the three environment variables
 \fBLC_ALL\fP, \fBLC_MESSAGES\fP, \fBLANG\fP; see \fBsetlocale\fP(3). For the
 \fBdcgettext\fP function, the locale facet is determined by the \fIcategory\fP
--- gettext-0.21.orig/gettext-runtime/man/bind_textdomain_codeset.3
+++ gettext-0.21/gettext-runtime/man/bind_textdomain_codeset.3
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ every software package has its own messa
 By default, the \fBgettext\fP family of functions returns translated messages
 in the locale's character encoding, which can be retrieved as
 \fBnl_langinfo(CODESET)\fP. The need for calling \fBbind_textdomain_codeset\fP
-arises for programs which store strings in a locale independent way (e.g.
+arises for programs which store strings in a locale independent way (e.g.\&
 UTF-8) and want to avoid an extra character set conversion on the returned
 translated messages.

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