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[bug #60201] gettext-runtime/po/Makefile.in.in should not use @mkdir_p@

From: Arfrever
Subject: [bug #60201] gettext-runtime/po/Makefile.in.in should not use @mkdir_p@
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 20:34:23 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #60201 (project gettext):

Autoconf 2.71
Automake 1.16.3
Gettext 0.21

We fix some things in build system of cadaver and call autoreconf.
cadaver tarball contains po/Makefile.in.in (from gettext 0.17). We update it
to newest installed gettext version.

During 'make install', there are some non-fatal errors:

/bin/sh: line 5: @mkdir_p@: command not found

Result is that no .gmo files are installed.

These errors are from code coming from gettext's Makefile.in.in.

Preprocessed po/Makefile contains:

# We use $(mkdir_p).
# In automake <= 1.9.x, $(mkdir_p) is defined either as "mkdir -p --" or as
# "$(mkinstalldirs)" or as "$(install_sh) -d". For these automake versions,
# @install_sh@ does not start with $(SHELL), so we add it.
# In automake >= 1.10, @mkdir_p@ is derived from ${MKDIR_P}, which is defined
# either as "/path/to/mkdir -p" or ".../install-sh -c -d". For these automake
# versions, $(mkinstalldirs) and $(install_sh) are unused.
mkinstalldirs = $(SHELL) @install_sh@ -d
install_sh = $(SHELL) @install_sh@
MKDIR_P = /bin/mkdir -p
mkdir_p = @mkdir_p@

So generally gettext's Makefile.in.in currently assumes that some code calls
deprecated AM_PROG_MKDIR_P macro.


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