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A slimmer PO header

From: Ole Laursen
Subject: A slimmer PO header
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 16:15:28 +0100


I understand the utility of the timestamps in the header
(POT-Creation-Date and PO-Revision-Date) back in day, it was a nice
touch, but today with version-control systems being everywhere, what
do you think about adding support for skipping them?

Language-Team is also weird in today's world, and Last-Translator can
cause the same kind of trouble as the timestamps, but it's a bit
easier to just not fill it in.

In the dual-language projects I maintain the timestamps constantly
cause spurious conflicts. It doesn't help that po-mode in Emacs gets
confused and inserts an extra header when you open a .po file with a
conflict in the header.... :/


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