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Re: [gettext home page] Proposed changes

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [gettext home page] Proposed changes
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 18:30:10 +0100
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Hello Thérèse,

> GNU webmasters are planning to migrate all templated pages (those using
> SSIs) to HTML5 in order to improve accessibility. But before doing this,
> deprecated attributes such as 'name' need to be removed. The gettext
> home page happens to have a few, which I got rid of.

Thank you. Yes, please.

> I took this opportunity to do other minor changes:
> * update to boilerplate 1.95;

Yes, please.

> * make the download link more visible and more accessible to screen
>   readers.

No, thanks. The style="margin-left: 10%" looks horrible. Also, let's
not start mixing capitalized and lowercased package names. 'gettext' is
lowercased for ages.

>   Link to a nearby mirror rather than ftp.gnu.org.

No, thanks. I want my users to download the software from a trusted
  1. If anyone who requests to be listed as a mirror at GNU can do so,
     then your preferred spying agency (e.g. the Iranian government or
     the NSA) can do so, and offer manipulated tarballs, possibly even
     with manipulated signatures.
  2. One of the mirrors is www.gutscheinrausch.de which is just an
     advertisement site. https://www.gutscheinrausch.de/gnu/gettext/
     does not contain gettext. (It did in the past. They apparently
     used GNU as a way to get known, and now that they are known they
     dumped the GNU mirror.)

> * fix the link to "How to get GNU software";

Yes, please.

> * trim down headings and Documentation;

The vertical spacing is intentional: The first two doc links belong
together. The third and fourth link document separate functionalities.

> * reduce line-width

No, thanks. If the user makes their browser window very wide, please
respect them freedom to do so. Forcing a maximum width goes against
the users' freedom.

>   and make the main heading stand out better.

Yes, please.


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