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Re: [WIP-PATCHES] Lisp (and Scheme) jump format specifier and ngettext

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: Re: [WIP-PATCHES] Lisp (and Scheme) jump format specifier and ngettext
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 21:23:55 +0100
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Hi Bruno,

The first attached patch implements all the use cases we've currently
found for CL/Scheme format specifiers with plural, for the omission of
one numeric parameter, and to check that other deviations aren't
allowed.  I took the v2 version as the base and added a FAT_UNDEFINED
type to ensure that the holes generated by goto directives don't end up
with FAT_OBJECT type.  This version already includes both the tests and
the implementation on the same commit.

The second patch adds some general documentation about plural forms
checks to the manual, as I think it might be useful too.

Best regards,

Attachment: 0001-format-lisp-format-scheme-Allow-omit-integer-with-ng.patch
Description: v3-0001-format-lisp-scheme.patch

Attachment: 0002-doc-Update-plural-form-check-documentation.patch
Description: v1-0002-doc.patch

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