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Re: FW: Question on usage of gettext

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: FW: Question on usage of gettext
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 17:05:25 +0100
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Rodney Courtney wrote in
> We are on AIX 7.1
> We are calling gettext in Bourne Shell
> When we go to pull a message back with gettext on some languages we only get 
> the ID back.
> These languages happen to be Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
> I have confirmed the messages actual exist in the PO file for each language.
> Other languages such as English, Italian, Swedish return the same message 
> fine.

Indeed, AIX has a couple of locale names that GNU gettext did not support
so far. Such as for Chinese:
I have now added support for these locale names. [1]

But regarding Japanese, Korean, Russian, this can't have been the problem.
Please make sure that the locale name that you have specified (such as
ja_JP.UTF-8, ko_KR.UTF-8, ru_RU.UTF-8) is listed among the output of
'locale -a'.



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