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[bug #58892] 0.21: broken aclocal macros

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: [bug #58892] 0.21: broken aclocal macros
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 16:12:51 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #58892 (project gettext):

> ./autogen.sh
>            Subdirectory 'gnulib' does not yet exist.

Have you been following the instructions from the HACKING file? It says:

After fetching the sources from the Git repository, peek at the comments in
autogen.sh, then run
  ./gitsub.sh pull

> Nevertemess all nelow distrinuted files are broken.
> $ grep -r gl_MSVC_INVAL -l | grep comp
> gettext-runtime/gnulib-m4/gnulib-comp.m4
> libtextstyle/gnulib-m4/gnulib-comp.m4
> gettext-tools/gnulib-m4/gnulib-comp.m4
> gettext-tools/libgettextpo/gnulib-m4/gnulib-comp.m4

No, these files are correct.

> Up to 0.21 ALWAYS all what was necessary to do was just "autoreconf".

It was never documented that you could run 'autoreconf' in an unpacked GNU
gettext tarball. If something is not documented, you can't rely on it.

> If ac/am/lt build framework requires any additional steps it means that it

I disagree. autoreconf is not an essential part of the GNU build system. In
some packages, it works. In some other packages, it works but only with
particular -I options or only when you have installed 'libtool' before. In
some other packages, it is not supported.


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