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From: Gonzalo Garramuno
Subject: Re: LC_NUMERIC on macOS
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 07:38:02 -0300

Hi, Bruno.

> El 12 jul. 2020, a las 05:24, Bruno Haible <bruno@clisp.org> escribió:
> 2) The preferences panel of macOS allows the user to set the properties
> independently of any country. The POSIX concept of locale cannot cope with
> that.

Yes, I am interested in handling countries only.

> A properly internationalized macOS app should use the following
> properties from [1]:
>  * kCFLocaleDecimalSeparator, kCFLocaleGroupingSeparator
>    instead of LC_NUMERIC,
>  * kCFLocaleCalendarIdentifier instead of LC_TIME,
>  * kCFLocaleCollationIdentifier, kCFLocaleCollatorIdentifier
>    instead of LC_COLLATE,
>  * kCFLocaleCurrencySymbol, kCFLocaleCurrencyCode instead of LC_MONETARY.

If I run setlocale( LC_ALL, “” ); with LC_CTYPE set and with 
SETLOCALE_VERBOSE=1, I get the warnings:
Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_NUMERIC to es_AR.
Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_TIME to es_AR.
Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_COLLATE to es_AR.
Warning: Failed to set locale category LC_MONETARY to es_AR.

It seems all is as it should be, but it cannot set the locale for LC_NUMERIC.  
And sure enough, localeconv() still returns decimal_point as ‘.’.

Gonzalo Garramuno

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