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[bug-gettext] Silent crash when processing some Scheme's bytevectors

From: Florent.Angly
Subject: [bug-gettext] Silent crash when processing some Scheme's bytevectors
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 14:15:06 +0000


I am using xgettext on 64-bit Windows 7 Entreprise  SP1. I have been 
having an issue when running this command:
    xgettext.exe --keyword=id:i18n --files-from=$inputFile --from-code=UTF-8 
--language=Scheme  --output-dir=$outputDir --output=$outputFilename 
--add-comments --force-po

inputFile contains the paths to numerous Scheme source files and the xgettext 
command seems to run fine (no errors reported), but the expected pot file is 
not generated. When inspecting the exit code of xgettext, I get the value 127, 
confirming an abnormal exit. I managed to narrow the issue to a single source 
file that contains SRFI-4/R7RS bytevector statements like: '#u8(0 10 5) . 
Uncommenting these statements with a ';' made the failure disappear.

Besides the fact that an explicit error message would have been appreciated, I 
believe this is a bug that should be corrected since other similar Scheme 
notations work and the language parser (gettext-tools/src/x-scheme.c) attempts 
to be as tolerant as possible:
    #(0 10 5)
   '#(0 10 5)
    #vu8(0 10 5)
   '#vu8(0 10 5)
    #u8(0 10 5)
   '#u8(0 10 5)  ; fails

Note that the failure is not systematic. It seems to depend on the position of 
'#u8(). For example, this works:
    #(0 10 5)
   '#(0 10 5)
    #u8(0 10 5)
   '#u8(0 10 5)
    #vu8(0 10 5)
   '#vu8(0 10 5)



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