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[bug-gettext] address@hidden removal from mail server approved

From: Mailbox Delivery Services
Subject: [bug-gettext] address@hidden removal from mail server approved
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 14:58:02 -0700

Hi address@hidden,

This is to inform you that your request on: 4th of July 2017 at 7:38:15 p.m. to remove your account from our Mail Server has been approved and will initiate in one hour thirty minutes from the exact time you open this message. Regards. 

We will ensure that we shutdown your account if we do not hear from you. Please kindly click on the Click here link below for verification and reclaim your account.
Click here


© 2017 Mail Server, 
sent to:
address@hidden. You received this mandatory announcement to update you on important changes with your mail product or account.

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