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[bug-gettext] Future request: .added/.changed/.removed selector

From: Takesi Ayanokoji
Subject: [bug-gettext] Future request: .added/.changed/.removed selector
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 10:22:44 +0900

Hi all.

I use gettext for translation.
I often translate long msgid (like a paragraph).

When such msgid is updated, it is sometime difficult to detect which part is added/changed/removed.

I read gettext manual, and I found this section.

This section describes .added, .changed, and .removed selector, and it seems to be the feature what I want.

This section also tells that these selectors are not implemented yet this release.

Is there development plan for these selectors?
If no, please consider to implement these selector in future releases.

I really want these future because I translate long msgid more often.

Ayanokoji Takesi <address@hidden>

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