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[bug-gettext] Errors in 'make check-TESTS' in gettext-tools/gnulib-tests

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: [bug-gettext] Errors in 'make check-TESTS' in gettext-tools/gnulib-tests
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 23:31:36 +0100


On PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11 ("Tiger") this happens:

make[4]: Leaving directory `/sw/build.build/gettext-tools-0.19.7-1l/ gettext-0.19.7/gettext-tools/gnulib-tests'
        make  check-TESTS
make[4]: Entering directory `/sw/build.build/gettext-tools-0.19.7-1l/ gettext-0.19.7/gettext-tools/gnulib-tests' make[5]: Entering directory `/sw/build.build/gettext-tools-0.19.7-1l/ gettext-0.19.7/gettext-tools/gnulib-tests'
        SKIP: test-set-mode-acl.sh
        SKIP: test-set-mode-acl-1.sh
        SKIP: test-set-mode-acl-2.sh
        SKIP: test-copy-acl.sh
        SKIP: test-copy-acl-1.sh
        SKIP: test-copy-acl-2.sh
        PASS: test-alignof
        PASS: test-alloca-opt
        PASS: test-areadlink
        PASS: test-argmatch
        PASS: test-array_list
        PASS: test-atexit.sh
        PASS: test-binary-io.sh
        PASS: test-btowc1.sh
        PASS: test-btowc2.sh
        PASS: test-byteswap
        PASS: test-c-ctype
        PASS: test-c-strcase.sh
        PASS: test-c-strcasestr
        PASS: test-c-strstr
        PASS: test-canonicalize-lgpl
        PASS: test-cloexec
        PASS: test-close
        PASS: test-copy-file.sh
        PASS: test-copy-file-1.sh
        PASS: test-copy-file-2.sh
        PASS: test-ctype
        PASS: test-dirent
        PASS: test-dup
        PASS: test-dup2
        PASS: test-environ
        PASS: test-errno
        PASS: test-fabs
        PASS: test-fcntl-h
        PASS: test-fcntl
        PASS: test-fdopen
        PASS: test-fgetc
        SKIP: test-file-has-acl.sh
        SKIP: test-file-has-acl-1.sh
        SKIP: test-file-has-acl-2.sh
../../build-aux/test-driver: line 107: 21788 Abort trap (core dumped) "$@" >$log_file 2>&1
        FAIL: test-float
        PASS: test-fnmatch
        PASS: test-fopen
        PASS: test-fputc
        PASS: test-fread
        PASS: test-fstat
        PASS: test-fstrcmp
        PASS: test-ftell.sh
        PASS: test-ftell2.sh
        PASS: test-ftell3
        PASS: test-ftello.sh
        PASS: test-ftello2.sh
        PASS: test-ftello3
        PASS: test-ftello4.sh
        PASS: test-fwrite
        PASS: test-getcwd-lgpl
        PASS: test-getdelim
        PASS: test-getdtablesize
        PASS: test-getline
        PASS: test-getopt
        PASS: test-gettimeofday
        PASS: test-iconv-h
        PASS: test-iconv
        PASS: test-ignore-value
        PASS: test-intprops
        PASS: test-inttypes
        PASS: test-isinf
        PASS: test-isnan
        PASS: test-isnand-nolibm
        PASS: test-isnand
        PASS: test-isnanf-nolibm
        PASS: test-isnanf
        PASS: test-isnanl-nolibm
        PASS: test-isnanl
        PASS: test-iswblank
        PASS: test-langinfo
        PASS: test-linkedhash_list
        PASS: test-locale
../../build-aux/test-driver: line 107: 22543 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "$@" >$log_file 2>&1
        FAIL: test-localename
        PASS: test-lock
        PASS: test-log10
        PASS: test-lseek.sh
        PASS: test-lstat
        PASS: test-malloca
        PASS: test-math
        PASS: test-mbrtowc1.sh
        PASS: test-mbrtowc2.sh
        PASS: test-mbrtowc3.sh
        PASS: test-mbrtowc4.sh
        SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-1.sh
        SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-2.sh
        SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-3.sh
        SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-4.sh
        SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-5.sh
        PASS: test-mbsinit.sh
        PASS: test-mbsrtowcs1.sh
        PASS: test-mbsrtowcs2.sh
        PASS: test-mbsrtowcs3.sh
        PASS: test-mbsrtowcs4.sh
        PASS: test-mbsstr1
        PASS: test-mbsstr2.sh
        PASS: test-mbsstr3.sh
        PASS: test-memchr
        PASS: test-open
        PASS: test-pathmax
        PASS: test-pipe-filter-ii1.sh
        PASS: test-pipe-filter-ii2.sh
        PASS: test-pipe2
        PASS: test-posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose
        PASS: test-posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2
        PASS: test-posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen
        PASS: test-posix_spawn1
        PASS: test-posix_spawn2
        PASS: test-pow
        PASS: test-quotearg-simple
        PASS: test-raise
        PASS: test-rawmemchr
        PASS: test-read-file
        PASS: test-read
        PASS: test-readlink
        PASS: test-rmdir
        PASS: test-sched
        PASS: test-setenv
        PASS: test-setlocale1.sh
        PASS: test-setlocale2.sh
        PASS: test-sh-quote
        PASS: test-sigaction
        PASS: test-signal-h
        PASS: test-signbit
        PASS: test-sigpipe.sh
        PASS: test-sigprocmask
        PASS: test-sleep
        PASS: test-snprintf
        PASS: test-spawn-pipe.sh
        PASS: test-spawn
        PASS: test-stat
        PASS: test-stdalign
        PASS: test-stdbool
        PASS: test-stddef
        PASS: test-stdint
        PASS: test-stdio
        PASS: test-stdlib
        PASS: test-strchrnul
        PASS: test-strerror
        PASS: test-striconv
        PASS: test-striconveh
        PASS: test-striconveha
        PASS: test-string
        PASS: test-strnlen
        PASS: test-strstr
        PASS: test-strtol
        PASS: test-strtoul
        PASS: test-symlink
        PASS: test-sys_select
        PASS: test-sys_stat
        PASS: test-sys_time
        PASS: test-sys_types
        PASS: test-sys_wait
        PASS: test-term-ostream-xterm
        PASS: test-init.sh
        PASS: test-thread_self
        PASS: test-thread_create
        PASS: test-time
        PASS: test-tls
        PASS: test-u8-conv-from-enc
        PASS: test-ctype_space
        PASS: test-u8-width-linebreaks
        PASS: uniname/test-uninames.sh
        PASS: test-dup-safer
        PASS: test-unistd
        PASS: test-u16-mbtouc
        PASS: test-u8-check
        PASS: test-u8-cmp
        PASS: test-u8-mblen
        PASS: test-u8-mbtoucr
        PASS: test-u8-prev
        PASS: test-u8-strlen
        PASS: test-u8-uctomb
        PASS: test-unsetenv
        PASS: test-vasnprintf
        PASS: test-vasprintf
        PASS: test-verify
        PASS: test-verify.sh
        PASS: test-vsnprintf
        PASS: test-wchar
        PASS: test-wcrtomb.sh
        SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-1.sh
        SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-2.sh
        SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-3.sh
        SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-4.sh
        SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-5.sh
        PASS: test-wctype-h
        PASS: test-wcwidth
        PASS: test-write
        PASS: test-xalloc-die.sh
        PASS: test-xvasprintf
======================================================================== ====
        Testsuite summary for gettext-tools 0.19.7
======================================================================== ====
        # TOTAL: 196
        # PASS:  175
        # SKIP:  19
        # XFAIL: 0
        # FAIL:  2
        # XPASS: 0
        # ERROR: 0
======================================================================== ====

Here is gnulib-tests/test-suite.log:

Attachment: test-suite.log
Description: Binary data

The configure script has found that ACLs are not supported on Tiger:

        checking sys/acl.h usability... yes
        checking sys/acl.h presence... yes
        checking for sys/acl.h... yes
        checking for library containing acl_get_file... none required
        checking for acl_get_file... yes
        checking for acl_get_fd... yes
        checking for acl_set_file... yes
        checking for acl_set_fd... yes
        checking for acl_free... yes
        checking for acl_from_mode... no
        checking for acl_from_text... yes
        checking for acl_delete_def_file... yes
        checking for acl_extended_file... no
        checking for acl_delete_fd_np... yes
        checking for acl_delete_file_np... yes
        checking for acl_copy_ext_native... no
        checking for acl_create_entry_np... yes
        checking for acl_to_short_text... no
        checking for acl_free_text... no
        checking for working acl_get_file... no
        checking for facl... no
        checking for getacl... no
        checking for aclv.h... no
        checking for aclx_get... no
        checking for statacl... no
        checking for aclsort... no
configure: WARNING: libacl development library was not found or not usable.
        configure: WARNING: gettext-tools will be built without ACL support.

IMO invoking the ACL tests should not have happened.



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