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[bug-gettext] Using ./configure to build gettext-0.19.7

From: Fergus McMenemie
Subject: [bug-gettext] Using ./configure to build gettext-0.19.7
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 19:45:52 +0000

Hi, Although gettext-0.19.7 is the focus of this message it could equally apply
to dozens of open source packages I try and build. I am trying to build gettext
and after doing "./configure --help" I saw it can use some packages I already
have installed. The './configure --help' output contains:

  --with-libiconv-prefix[=DIR]  search for PACKLIBS in DIR/include and DIR/lib
  --with-libxml2-prefix[=DIR]  search for PACKLIBS in DIR/include and DIR/lib

FYI: The help also lists the following twice!
  --with-gnu-ld           assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no]

In the end I wrote a script to try and explore what was going on, I run 
four times saving the generated "config.log" and "Makefile" for each of the

 1  ./configure),
 2  ./configure --with-libpth-prefix=/usr/local
 3  ./configure --with-libpth-prefix=/usr/local --with-libxml2-prefix 
 4  ./configure --with-libpth-prefix=/usr/local 
--with-libxml2-prefix=/usr/local --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr/local

Case 1,2 and 4 produced equivalent "config.log" and stdout messages. Comparing
1 and 3 there were minor differences.

Looking at the produced installed libs all seemed the same. Is the expected

Fergus McMenemie               Email: address@hidden
                               Phone: +44 7721 376021
                               Skype: fergusmcmenemie

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