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[bug-gettext] xgettext: new option --no-linenumbers -- why was patch not

From: e est
Subject: [bug-gettext] xgettext: new option --no-linenumbers -- why was patch not committed?
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2015 22:41:42 +0200


after more than two years of no discussion about whether to commit this patch 
[1] or not, I wonder what the reasons reasons were to reject it.

In our project, where we merge translation commits (provided by a weblate UI) 
on a monthly basis, the line numbers are almost every time outdated. We try to 
avoid running xgettext too often, because it would change every translation 
string's line number, for every language we have a po file for. As we manage 
our repository with git, a distributed VCS, the (deflated) diff of every commit 
gets added to every non-shallow clone's disk useage. Having a link to the file 
is useful though, so I'd like to avoid passing --no-location.

Thanks and kind regards,

[1]: "[bug-gettext] [PATCH] xgettext: new option --no-linenumbers omits line n" 

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