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Re: [bug-gettext] [PATCH] format-kde: Recognize KUIT markup

From: Chusslove Illich
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] [PATCH] format-kde: Recognize KUIT markup
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 12:51:25 +0100
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> [: Daiki Ueno :]
> Anyway, comments would be appreciated. Ideally, it would be nicer if you
> could (re)write the patch [...]

I can only say that the patch provides more complete support than I had
hoped for. You even added checking the XML-but-not-exactly markup, so that
msgfmt -c does the right thing. Also I agree kde-kuit-format is a better
flag name. I've tested the patched xgettext on a number of KDE software
modules, using the full ensemble of --flag options, and everything seems to
work as expected. So, at the moment, I have nothing to add or change.

While testing, some messages did still end up without flags, but that was
due to a separate aspect I wrote about earlier:

> [...] and maintain it in gettext, since it is you who invented the stuff
> in the KDE side :-)

Sure, I'd be happy to.

But this doesn't include adding and keeping up-to-date a bunch of default
keywords, does it? :)

> Also it might look a bit surprising that the 3rd and 4th string is marked
> as kde-format, even if it doesn't contain a format directive. However,
> this is the original behavior, and should be addressed separately.

Well, it was the point that all strings get one of two kde-* format flags,
so I'm not sure I understand the remark. I mean, the behavior is surprising
from the point of view of common Gettext usage, but for this kind of usage
(format directives always processed), it is in accordance with that passage
from the Gettext manual I cited.

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)

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