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[bug-gettext] Is it possible to load local catalogs using `gettext`?

From: Guy Rutenberg
Subject: [bug-gettext] Is it possible to load local catalogs using `gettext`?
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:50:48 +0300


I'm not sure this is the appropriate location to ask ths sort of question, but the Gettext FAQ says this list is also for the "discussion of features" so decided to try.

Gettext searches for catalogs in a specific hierarchy: LOCALEDIR/ll/LC_MESSAGES/PACKAGE.mo . This doesn't suit the usual hierarchy most projects when developing, as most have a `po/` directory with `ll.po` files matching each language. When running make, those po files turn into `po/ll.gmo`, which does not look at all like the hierarchy gettext is looking for.

There are two solutions I see for it and none are satisfactory:
1. Modify makefiles to re-create the required hierarchy without `make install`. This is usually not possible as people use automake and do not edit makefiles manually.

2. Run `make install` after each time a translation is updated (possibly passing --prefix=/somepath/ to ./configure). This works, but it is annoying as it complicates the develop-translate-test cycle needlessly.

Is there a good way to workaround it so it is possbile to check changes to translation without `make install`?



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