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Re: [bug-gettext] xgettext not extracting strings in a Glade GtkListStor

From: Kip Warner
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] xgettext not extracting strings in a Glade GtkListStore
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 16:42:25 -0700

On Thu, 2013-08-08 at 00:04 +0200, Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas wrote:
> No, It is fine, but Glade 3 support have been added with 0.18.3
> version.

Hey Miguel,

Thank you. I just looked through the changelog and it should work.

I ran gettextize on my source and it updated various files. I also
bumped my configure.ac's AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION([0.18.3]) from
AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION([0.18.1]). However, an error is still raised
while trying to configure my project.

        $ aclocal -I Macros
        $ autoreconf -v -i
        autoreconf: Entering directory `.'
        autoreconf: running: autopoint
        autopoint: *** The AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION declaration in your 
                       file requires the infrastructure from gettext-0.18.3 but 
this version
                       is older. Please upgrade to gettext-0.18.3 or newer.
        autopoint: *** Stop.
        autoreconf: autopoint failed with exit status: 1

I'm not sure why it is saying that because it looks like the files were
updated before when I ran gettextize:

        $ gettextize --po-dir=Translations --force
        Copying file ABOUT-NLS
        Copying file build-aux/config.rpath
        Not copying intl/ directory.
        Copying file Translations/Makefile.in.in
        Copying file Translations/Makevars.template
        Copying file Translations/Rules-quot
        Copying file Translations/boldquot.sed
        Copying file Translations/address@hidden
        Copying file Translations/address@hidden
        Copying file Translations/insert-header.sin
        Copying file Translations/quot.sed
        Copying file Translations/remove-potcdate.sin
        Creating Translations/ChangeLog
        Copying file Macros/gettext.m4
        Copying file Macros/iconv.m4
        Copying file Macros/lib-ld.m4
        Copying file Macros/lib-link.m4
        Copying file Macros/lib-prefix.m4
        Copying file Macros/nls.m4
        Copying file Macros/po.m4
        Copying file Macros/progtest.m4
        Updating Makefile.am (backup is in Makefile.am~)
        Adding an entry to ChangeLog (backup is in ChangeLog~)

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