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[bug-gettext] win32 gettext-0.14.4 context argument

From: Kyle Ilantzis
Subject: [bug-gettext] win32 gettext-0.14.4 context argument
Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 22:43:44 -0400



I am running windows 7. When using xgettext, specifying a keyword and its context argument does not work.


For example, running “xgettext –ktrc:1c,2 mycode.java” fails to produce a PO file.


The java library that I plan to use has a “trc” function (translate. the 1st argument is the context, the 2nd is the msgid)


However, running the same command on Ubuntu with the same code file produces a PO file.


Furthermore, running “xgettext –ktrc:1,2”, which specifies that a message is plural, on the same input file produces output on windows 7.

Even specifying keywords to functions that only accept 1 argument works. When I specify a keyword with a context argument, no ouput is produced.


It seems to me that win32 xgettext does not work well for context arguments. I installed xgettext with the lastest gnu gettext-0.14.4.exe setup.


Kyle Ilantzis

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