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[bug-gettext] XML Support

From: Éloi Rivard
Subject: [bug-gettext] XML Support
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 20:18:28 +0200

I posted on Savannah a feature request about XML but I realize here is maybe a better place to talk about it.
A lot of programs have their own XML based data file. It would be great if xgettext could parse any XML file and extract translatable strings, as it does with glade for example, but in a more general way.
There could be some language specific options to allow extraction from tag name (<translatable>Foo bar foo bar</translatable>) or from tag parameter (<foobar translatable="yes" />), as it is done with Glade now.

A difficulty about this is that a lot of XML files does not have the .xml extension. I see two solutions:
detect XML files with their headers, or let the user indicate a behavior for a file type.

What do you think ?

Éloi Rivard - address@hidden
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