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[bug-gettext] msginit on OS X 10.8 displays sed "unterminated substitute

From: Ben Fox-Moore
Subject: [bug-gettext] msginit on OS X 10.8 displays sed "unterminated substitute pattern"
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 15:37:33 +0100

$ msginit -l en_US -o en_US.po -i hello.pot
The new message catalog should contain your email address, so that users can
give you feedback about the translations, and so that maintainers can contact
you in case of unexpected technical problems.

sed: 8: "{
s/address@hidden@\(.*\)$/\1 ...": unterminated substitute pattern
Couldn't find out about your email address.
Please enter your email address.

Using gettext 0.18.2 which I compiled myself. Any ideas what's causing this?

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