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Re: [bug-gettext] could msgcat create a malformed header ?

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] could msgcat create a malformed header ?
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:55:51 +0100

Hi Raphaël,

Raphaël <address@hidden> wrote: 
> A) concat file1.po with itself:

Actually this could be a no-op if you think about optimization, so you
can not trust in this test for later results.

> B) concat file1.po with a slightly modified version where only the
> Revision-Date has been modified:

As soon as the header is not the same the result will be a new file that
has the contents of two different files (i.e. two projects), so you have
to modify the header with the desired data about this new file. It is
not the same idiom as msgmerge, which is intended to update a po file
from a pot file. So I think that...

> 1) notice the "fuzzy" on the first line

is expected, for the former reason. Even more, fuzzy means here they are
almost equal but not the same string.

> 2) try to open such a file using poedit, it will warn:
> > Malformed header: '#-#-#-#-#  file1.po (PROJECT)  #-#-#-#-#'

A warning here is also expected, you have to set the header to the
desired one. As soon as you save it those lines are erased (version
1.4.6 from Debian Wheezy) but dates are preserved.

Best regards,

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