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[bug-gettext] Some cruft in the 'autopoint' script?

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: [bug-gettext] Some cruft in the 'autopoint' script?
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 13:56:36 +0100

Perusing the autopoint script, I've found some code that *seems*
like obsolescent cruft to me.  I'm not sure that it is actually
so, but I thought I could report my doubts and suggestions here
anyway, as something to ponder for the future 1.19 release.

All the line numbers and code snippets reported here are taken
from the commit v0.18.1.1-158-ga1d4e87 (currently the tip of the
master branch).

* In the main code, around line 260:

      # KDE specific convention: configure.in.in
      if test -f configure.in.in; then

  But it my understanding that the KDE project no longer uses
  the Autotools in its build system, rather relying on CMake:

  So, is the code above still relevant/useful?

* I see, around line 400, that autopoint still supports an archive
  format "cvs" for its temporary checkout directory.  That format
  is reported as deprecated in comments, both in the script itself
  and in the code for setting the 'ARCHIVE_FORMAT' substitution
  variable in 'gettext-tools/configure.ac'.  Given that Gettext
  now uses Git as its version control system, and that CVS is
  increasingly falling out of favour and of use (thank $DEITY for
  that), couldn't support for the CVS format just be removed?

Best regards,

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