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[bug-gettext] How to invoke eval_gettext for a multi tokens list in --me

From: Didier Spaier
Subject: [bug-gettext] How to invoke eval_gettext for a multi tokens list in --menu option of dialog
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 08:55:57 +0100
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Hello all,

I am attempting to internationalize Slackware's installer, which uses the 
'dialog' program inside shell scripts.

I do not know how I should invoke eval_gettext for the [tag items] ... 
arguments of the --menu option of dialog.

Example taken from the 'setup' script in Slackware's installer:
<beginning of the example>
 dialog --title "Slackware Linux Setup (version 14)" \
--menu \
"Welcome to Slackware Linux Setup.\n\
Select an option below using the UP/DOWN keys and SPACE or ENTER.\n\
Alternate keys may also be used: '+', '-', and TAB." 18 72 9 \
"HELP" "Read the Slackware Setup HELP file" \
"KEYMAP" "Remap your keyboard if you're not using a US one" \
"ADDSWAP" "Set up your swap partition(s)" \
"TARGET" "Set up your target partitions" \
"SOURCE" "Select source media" \
"SELECT" "Select categories of software to install" \
"INSTALL" "Install selected software" \
"CONFIGURE" "Reconfigure your Linux system" \
"EXIT" "Exit Slackware Linux Setup" 2> $TMP/hdset
<end of the example>

I want to call eval_gettext only once for the whole [tag item] ... list (beginning with 
"HELP" and ending with "Exit Slackware Linux Setup"), because else I would have 
too many entries in the po file, which will make it hard to understand for the translators.

But when I try to do that I need to escape every tag and every item, ending up 
with only one argument instead of a list, which is not what 'dialog' expects.

I would be grateful for any clue.

Best regards,

Didier Spaier

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