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Re: [bug-gettext] [Patch] - Configure ignores --without-emacs setting if

From: DJ Lucas
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] [Patch] - Configure ignores --without-emacs setting if EMACS set
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 08:58:23 -0600
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On 11/27/2011 07:19 AM, Bruno Haible wrote:

DJ Lucas wrote:
The configure script ignores the "--without-emacs" switch if the EMACS
variable is set in the calling environment. If the user overrides this,
then the variable is set to no, however, the LISPDIR is checked before
evaluating withval (causing errors). The correct fix is to not check the
LISPDIR if EMACS is set to no. See trivial diff attached.
The diff is OK, but your description of what it does was incorrect:
The configure script does *not* ignore the "--without-emacs" option
if the EMACS environment variable is set. Also, the determination of
lispdir does not provoke errors (at least if you set the EMACS environment
variable to point to a working emacs program).

I tested the results in config.status.
Yes, my previous evaluation of the problem was incorrect. In your above text "*working* emacs program" is the kicker I believe. I'm not an emacs user, so I guess I was a little careless in getting gettext to build properly. The problem was that the --without-emacs is evaluated after the check for the location of the elc files, which causes configure to hang (I found several reports of this, but no fix, and no usable pattern to follow). The only confirmed case *I* have of that, however, is if /usr/bin/emacs -> zile on the Gentoo x86_64 Live DVD (for which I was only testing to see if it was a suitable bootstrap distro). I'm not sure what other distros out there use zile, or if it is only a problem with Gentoo's build of GNU Zile (one of the other reports I noticed is System Rescue CD which I found is also Gentoo based). It is curious that it did not seem to fail on the x86 disc, of course I wasn't looking for it either. I'll go back a little later and verify that the x86 disc works and alert the Gentoo developers if necessary.

Regardless, putting things in the correct order alleviates the problem in this case (so long as AM_PATH_LISPDIR is put into a conditional), and likely fixes the other cases that I ran across in Google searches, but never found a 'fix.'

Thanks for the quick response.

-- DJ Lucas

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